Filling in the Gaps in the 4.85 GHz Sky

What's all this, then?

We have conducted a 4.85 GHz survey of bright, flat-spectrum radio sources with the Effelsberg 100 m telescope in an attempt to improve the completeness of existing surveys, such as CRATES. We report the results of these observations and of follow-up 8.4 GHz observations with the VLA of a subset of the sample. We comment on the connection to the WMAP point source catalogue and on the survey's effectiveness at supplementing the CRATES sky coverage.

Who did it?

The "Gaps" team is: Steve Healey (Stanford), Lars Fuhrmann (MPIfR), Greg Taylor (U. of New Mexico), Roger Romani (Stanford), and Tony Readhead (Caltech).

Where can I read about it?

The critically acclaimed "Filling in the Gaps in the 4.85 GHz" has been accepted for publication in The Astronomical Journal. The paper is also available on astro-ph (arXiv:0907.0788).

How can I get the delicious, delicious data?

The data are available in two machine-readable tables; they are described in full in the paper and will be available in the electronic version. You can also download them directly from this page: Table 1 contains the results for sources in the north polar cap, and Table 2 contains the results for sources in the PMN holes.

If you do make use of the "Gaps" data, please include a citation to Healey et al. 2009, AJ, 138, 1032.

Where can I get even more information?

You can email Steve Healey with any questions or comments.

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