The Combined Radio All-Sky Targeted Eight GHz Survey

What is CRATES?

CRATES is an 8.4 GHz survey of bright, flat-spectrum radio sources with nearly uniform extragalactic coverage for sources brighter than 65 mJy at 4.8 GHz. We have assembled the catalog from existing observations, especially CLASS and the PMN-CA survey, augmented by reprocessing of archival VLA and ATCA data and by new observations to fill in coverage gaps. The resulting catalog provides precise positions, sub-arcsecond structures, and spectral indices for over 11,000 sources.

Who's behind CRATES?

The CRATES team is: Steve Healey (Stanford), Roger Romani (Stanford), Greg Taylor (U. of New Mexico), Elaine Sadler (U. of Sydney), Roberto Ricci (ATNF), Tara Murphy (U. of Sydney), Jim Ulvestad (NRAO), and Josh Winn (MIT).

How can I read the CRATES paper?

The timeless masterpiece "CRATES: An All-Sky Survey of Flat-Spectrum Radio Sources" has been published in the July 2007 issue of The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series. The paper is also available on astro-ph (astro-ph/0702346).

How can I get the delicious, delicious data?

The data are available in two machine-readable tables; they are described in full in the paper and are available in the electronic version. You can also download them directly from this page: Table 5 contains the master catalog of CRATES sources, and Table 6 contains additional 8.4 GHz observations of CRATES-like sources that do not yet have single-dish 4.8 GHz measurements.

If you do make use of the CRATES data, please include a citation to Healey et al. 2007, ApJS, 171, 61.

Where can I get even more information about CRATES?

You can email Steve Healey or Roger Romani with any questions or comments.

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