The Candidate Gamma-Ray Blazar Survey

What is CGRaBS?

CGRaBS is a uniform, all-sky survey of bright blazars selected primarily by their flat radio spectra. The result is a catalog of 1,625 targets with radio and X-ray properties similar to those of the EGRET blazars. The chief component of the project is an optical campaign to secure type classifications and redshifts, with the goal of focusing attention on the most interesting sources for multiwavelength study in the GLAST era.

Who's behind CGRaBS?

The CGRaBS team is: Steve Healey (Stanford), Roger Romani (Stanford), Garret Cotter (Oxford), Peter Michelson (Stanford), Eddie Schlafly (Stanford), Tony Readhead (Caltech), Paolo Giommi (ASDC), Sylvain Chaty (CEA Saclay), Isabelle Grenier (CEA Saclay), and Larry Weintraub (Caltech).

How can I read the CGRaBS paper?

The eternal classic "CGRaBS: An All-Sky Survey of Gamma-Ray Blazar Candidates" has been accepted for publication in the March 2008 issue of The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series. The paper is also available on astro-ph.

How can I get the delicious, delicious data?

The data are available in a machine-readable table; it is described in full in the paper and is available in the electronic version. You can also download it directly from this page: Table 2 contains the catalog of CGRaBS sources.

If you do make use of the CGRaBS data, please include a citation to Healey et al. 2008, ApJS, 175, 97.

Where can I get even more information about CGRaBS?

You can email Steve Healey or Roger Romani with any questions or comments.

Updated 4 March 2009 by SEH.